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“Sex Expert Reveals Her Secret X-Treme Orgasm Technique for Couples…Gives Women Hour-Long Orgasms Ending Only When She’s Overcome by Sheer Exhaustion!” GUARANTEED

Find out how an avocado led to a discovery of a new way for ladies to have an Hour-Long Orgasm.

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Are you completely satisfied with sex?

What if it could be better?

Does any of this sound familiar?


bullet Missing the fireworks?

bullet Longing for the wake-the-neighbors kind of sex you used to have?

bullet She’d rather go shopping?

bullet He’d rather watch TV?

Hi, I’m Debbie Roxs and I have had the unique opportunity to talk candidly with THOUSANDS of women about sex. It broke my heart to hear tales of unfulfilling sex in the lives of 80% of the married women I spoke with.
I knew I could help these women, and boy did I ever!
I began teaching them a new female Orgasm technique, and received so many calls from women saying, “This is the first time in my life I had an Orgasm.” Or, “It was 45 minutes of the best, and longest Orgasm I ever had!”. These ladies were begging me to write a book they could share with their partners.

The feedback I got from women and couples was nothing short of astounding!

Sexperts agree “The X-Treme Orgasm” works…

what sexperts are saying

I didn’t always know the secrets to great sex. It took me a long time to figure it out. NOW, it is my sincere desire to help you do the same in your relationship.
So if you’re ready to achieve a deeper level of intimacy plus sexual fulfillment, then read on.
Once you learn a few of the simple techniques, you’ll be able to unlock your sexual powers and take your love life to heights you can’t even imagine.

Debbie’s Hunt for the X-Treme Orgasm…HiRes

For many years, I hosted in-home lingerie and novelty parties for women. We had a
great time, but I would often get that “nagging” feeling that something was wrong.
So What Was The Problem?
The problem was that many of the women who attended would get uncomfortable whenever the topic of Orgasms came up. They felt guilty and embarrassed because they did not experience the kind of wild passionate sex that ended in an explosive Orgasm portrayed in the media.
Some of these women confided in me that they just didn’t even enjoy sex.
They considered to be a bother instead of the gift it was meant to be.

It made me sad when a woman would tell me they were faking an Orgasm just to get it over with.contactdebbie

Many of these women NEVER even HAD an Orgasm.
They just accepted it because they thought that’s just the way things were.
I knew deep down that there must be a way to help female Orgasms out there.
I believe it is every woman’s birthright to have intensely fulfilling Orgasms.I decided right testimonials
then and there that I would help married couples all over the world celebrate great sex.
Since then, I’ve traveled the world and spent $32,750 in my quest to discover the secrets to the female Orgasm and COMPLETE sexual fulfillment.these women discover their ability to have amazing Orgasms. I know how frustrating it is with all the misinformation about
Over the last twelve years, my research has led me to do many things, including:

bulletSpending $1000’s on every book, video, and DVD on female Orgasms
bulletResearching every technique I could find, whether old or newdebbiesfriends
bulletAttending every seminar I could on the subject of sex and female Orgasms
bulletContacting everyone who claimed to be an expert on the female Orgasm
bulletVisiting every trade show and sex expo that I could

bulletTraveling around the world hunting for obscure carnal knowledge

Yes, I learned a lot about clitoral climaxes and multiple climaxes, and even the elusive G spot, but what I was really looking for was a simple yet more intensely fulfilling female Orgasm.
Until the answer was found I vowed I would never give up.<
Finally I had the secret keys to unlocking the mysteries of the female Orgasm.
The discovery I made would be the basis for the new technique.
Everything I learned I put it all together to develop a new technique that would
GUARANTEE ladies an earth-shaking Orgasm, unlike anything she’s experienced before.
With mounting excitement…I knew I came up with something ground-breaking.
First I hired a company to make sure this new technique had never been written about anywhere.facebook

The X-Treme Orgasm is the first NEW information on sex since the G spot.
It is better than the G spot and easier to find.

I guarantee you have never heard or read anything like it before. It will bring you to new heights of ecstasy you’ve only dreamed about before. Imagine being immersed in ecstasy for as long as you and your partner desire. Now I want to share this amazing discovery with you.
How To Have Great Sex…Featuring The X-Treme Orgasm
What you can expect to master…

bulletHow to keep her on the “EDGE OF ORGASM” …Deliciously Erotic!
An easy to follow step-by-step manual, on how to give her an hour-long Orgasm.
Simultaneous Orgasms as easy as 1*2*3…All other Sexperts say, “Impossible!”
The X-Treme Orgasm can be practiced in many positions. I show you the best.
The Orgasms can be enjoyed manually, during foreplay, OR by sexual intercourse.
“The Horizontal Slide Technique” A brand new way to make love. (Not even in the Kama Sutra)
This Orgasm is NOT an abstract state of mind or rehash of the same old information.

bulletYou will learn the 3 things never to do or it will instantly kill her desire.
bulletYou will be able to achieve a deeper level of intimacy and sexual fulfillment with your partner.
It’s so easy to learn, you can start using it TONIGHT.
You’ll be able to include it in your lovemaking for the rest of your life.

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Find me on twitter

Find me on twitter

Find me on twitter

Head to Head…Clitoral Orgasm vs. The X-Treme Orgasm

You’re probably wondering how The X-Treme Orgasm differs from the clitoral Orgasm.
While it’s true that The X-Treme Orgasm feels much better than a clitoral Orgasm because your whole body is in the throes of ecstasy while a clitoral climax sensation is located mostly in the pelvic region. A striking difference between the two is this:
A clitoral climax reaches a point where further stimulation feels too intense and oversensitive to touch.
The X-Treme Orgasm reaches no such point. It goes on and on indefinitely while maintaining maximum pleasure. It ends only when she is overcome by sheer exhaustion.


It All Comes Together…
In My Step-By-Step Guide

How to Have Great Sex

The X-Treme Orgasm

I put everything I learned in this simple, step-by-step guide.
This book reveals exactly how to utilize the Female Orgasm technique and take your level of sexual satisfaction to a brand new level.
Here’s just a taste of what you’ll be getting inside this detailed manual:
In parts of Chapter 3 you will learn…
How she can have EASY long-lasting Orgasms
Chapter 10 gives you a “Hands-On Experience”
Manually bring her to Orgasm with these three techniques…
1) The Love Slide
2) The X-Massage

3) The Love Triangle

Chapter 5 will blow your mind…
Where is that Magic Spot?
Go Beyond the G Spot

Chapter 6 includes…

The Secret of Surrendering Inhibitions
How to Talk Suggestively to Your Partner

Chapter 14 is filled with these fun exciting sex games…
16 Sexy Games including…
–Down and Dirty Mud Wrestling
–Sexy Wake Up Alarm (everyone’s favorite)
–Alien Fantasy

Chapter 15 has…
101 Erotic Things To Do
Plus too much to list but I promise you’ll love it.

Here’s What Others Are Saying About The “X-Treme Orgasm” Book…

what others are saying2

A Note to MEN:

You will give her the most incredible Orgasm that is out-of-this-world amazingly fantastic. It will undeniably be the BEST SEX she has ever had in her life! You will be a sexual Super Hero. As you see the pleasure on her face, you will feel like the world’s best lover, and you will be.
Do you want:
Sex More Often?
Oral Sex?
After experiencing the hot, wild, powerful explosive Orgasms you give her, she’ll be asking what SHE CAN DO to please you.
WARNING: She might start begging you for sex. All the time.
Now you can easily give her hour-long Orgasms, no Viagra needed.
By utilizing the “Love Triangle” during foreplay, you can give her a long continuous Orgasm even if you’re impotent or suffer from ED or PE.

“So How Much is This
Going to Cost Me, Debbie?

I spent 12 years traveling around the world and $32,750 to find what is contained in my book.
But I didn’t do it to make this information unattainable.

I did it to help millions of couples have the most enjoyable sex possible and build stronger relationships, so you won’t have to spend an arm and a leg to get your hands on this info.

  • It’s NOT $1,000 even though it would be worth it.
  • It’s NOT $500.00 I want it to be affordable for everyone.
  • It’s NOT $100.00 Many have paid me that much to learn it.
  • It’s NOT even the regular price of $49.99

Today, you can get your complete guide for less than the price of a pizza dinner. It’s only 50 cents per minute for her first hour-long Orgasm. Is she worth it?

“She Gets The Hot Wild Hour-long Orgasm

Tonight Or Your Money Back!”

90-Day Orgasm Satisfaction Guarantee

I’m so confident that you’ll absolutely love the…
How To Have Great Sex, featuring The X-Treme Orgasm e-book, I want you to try it risk-free for 90 days.
If you’re not absolutely thrilled with the results, I don’t want to keep your money. Just let me know within 90 days and I’ll give you a prompt and courteous refund, no questions asked.
You have nothing to lose and quite possibly the best sex of your life to gain.


It’s Decision Time…
You have 2 choices…
You can continue doing what you’ve been doing and continue getting the same results. Plain vanilla sex.
The two of you can start enjoying The X-Treme Orgasm as fast you can get your clothes off.
For less than the price of a night out, you can get the keys that will unlock a lifetime of fantastic sex.
A life of sexual pleasure and fulfillment awaits you, just click on the button above.
PS: Remember… She gets a powerful explosive Orgasm tonight or your money back! She will have more Orgasm in one night than she usually does all year long!
Happy Orgasms for everyone,
Debbie Roxs



Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does the The X-Treme Orgasm differ from the G-Spot?”
A: The G-Spot is elusive while The X-Treme Orgasm involves an easy technique that gives her a long lasting continuous Orgasm.
Q: How does The X-Treme Orgasm differ from a clitoral Orgasm?
A: The clitoris can be stimulated for a climax that quickly reaches a point where further stimulation feels too intense and over-sensitive to the touch.
No such point is reached during The X-Treme Orgasm. The secret place can be stimulated to achieve an Orgasm that goes on and on until she reaches complete gratification and physical exhaustion.
Q: Is there any time this The X-Treme Orgasm technique will not work?
A: Thousands of men, women, and couples have bought my book or attended the “How To Have Great Sex” Orgasm School class at Chicago’s Discovery Center. Everyone has been happy with this new information.
I offer an unconditional Guarantee and so far nobody has ever asked for a refund.
Yes, to be completely honest, there are four SITUATIONS that might prevent her from enjoying an hour-long Orgasm using this particular technique.

  1. If a woman has had a FULL HYSTERECTOMY
  2. Any severe female medical problems — check with your doctor first.
  3. IF SHE HAS BEEN SEXUALLY ABUSED and has not gone to counseling to work through the memories and emotions attached to that horrible experience. It may affect her ability to enjoy sexual pleasure.
  4. If the kids or your mother-in-law are right outside the bedroom, she may feel too inhibited to have a screaming hour-long Orgasm.